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This is the gateway to Don Lubin's meeting place on co-ops. Especially retail food co-ops, and most especially Harvest Co-operative Supermarkets. Its purpose is to encourage discussion of issues important to the Co-op, and in some cases provide a conduit for feedback from Members to the Board. It is also to help optimize the software and techniques involved, and to demonstrate the feasibility of this format.

To browse, use User Name "guest" and Password "city".

Harvest Co-operative Supermarkets does not maintain and is not responsible for this meeting site. Don Lubin is. There is a link from the HCS webpage to this site. Don Lubin has been a Board member of the Co-op since 1973.


The moderator is in charge. Personal attacks, some bad language, commercialism, and even some inanity will not be tolerated. Read the CitySource policies.


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