Privacy Policy

We value your privacy as we do our own:

All your MeetingWeb meetings are password-protected


Registration Information

All the information we request is to verify the locality of our users for access to local or regional online meetings and event postings and to associate real people with postings to those online areas. We think this policy combined with the local focus of many of these areas encourages civility.

You can change your e-mail forwarding and password at any time. Currently to change your sign up data or to remove your registration record from our database, contact You can re-register adn enter your changed data after removal of your previous account.

Access to Meetings

Your CitySource MeetingWeb user account allows you to access and post to any online meetings to which the meeting moderator has given you access and/or posting privileges. You can set your MeetingWeb "Preferences" in any meeting to send you an e-mail message whenever a new comment is posted. You can change this e-mail forwarding address at any time. If you do not supply an e-mail forwarding address any private messages sent to you via MeetingWeb's e-mail feature will not reach you.

Access to Event and Announcement Kiosks

Your CitySource MeetingWeb user account allows you to read and post to the CitySource Cambridge EventKiosk and to any public information or demonstration kiosk on or In addition you may have access to any kiosks to which that kiosk's Kiosk Administrator or Kiosk Editor has given you access and/or posting privileges.

Getting Answers Quickly

For a quick introduction to the MeetingWeb collaboration features, try the 5-Minute Guide and other links from the MeetingWeb Help Desk.

Select a Registration Option

Registered User
This is the fastest registration process, and requires the least information from you. You can register with just your name and zip code for free posting access to demonstration and globally acessible meetings and most EventKiosk public kiosks.
CitySource Member
Your home or work address should be within MA Route 128 for access to regional online meetings and to post E. Mass. regional events. Requires organizational/work address for EventKiosk test category and kiosk editing.
CitySource Resident
You should live in Cambridge or Somerville or work in Cambridge for access to local and regional online meetings and to directly post local events.

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