Campaign 95 Online: Overview

Our goal is to to make it simple for you to get all the information you need to vote in this Fall's City of Cambridge Election. We think that means allowing all the candidates to present their views to you unfiltered by editorial writers, unfettered by a required set of questions, and unprotected from opposing points of view and citizens' probing questions.

The simplest most efficient way to inform voters we think is to put every candidate and issue in one place that's open 24 hours a day up to an including the day of the election. And to make access to that place free and easy to locate for candidates and citizens.

CitySource is in the business of providing a range of services, (including Internet needs assessment, web design and context, web server space, maintenance, and custom programming solutions) not editorial comment.

CitySource Inc. will not advocate or advance any candidate for office or take any particular political position in Campaign Online 95. Our civic purpose in creating Campaign 95 Online is to make detailed and divergent views available to potential Cambridge voters, to encourage eligible voters to interact with candidates online, and above all to encourage you to vote. Given the diversity of opinion in Cambridge, we think the the online discussions will be lively.

Our only expectation of users of the Campaign area is that civility prevail and that no one knowingly post false information.

Free access for all Candidates. No Internet experience required!

We have offered every certified candidate a free web page of information and a free e-mail account to receive and to respond to citizens' questions. To get on the 1995 Municipal ballot, candidates had to collect signatures of 50 registered Cambridge voters, have those signatures certified by the Election commission and meet the filing deadline of July 31.

For candidates who do not want to create their own web page, we provide a template on disk for them to fill out or an outline on paper to use in creating a simple text file with their information. We are offering many free services to Cambridge and area residents who register online. These include free Community Directory and Commercial Directory listings and for Cambridge residents, a free personal web page (of the the same size and features offered to candidates) and e-mail forwarding. Additional web services are available to candidates at our current Community Commons rates.

Campaign 95 Online Features

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