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Cambridge City Council Election
Final Ballot Count completed on Nov.11, 1995

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Council Results Summary

Valid Votes cast: 18,863
Quota: 1887 #1 and transfer votes were required for election.
Note: Surplus votes are transferred before votes of defeated candidates.
Elected on 1st ballot count 
1 Reeves, Kenneth..   2261  377 surplus votes	
2.Duehay, Francis..   2078  194 surplus votes	
3.Gallucio, Anthony   2033  149 surplus votes

Elected: met quota  with transfer of surplus votes	
4.Russel, Sheila...   1887 (elected on 7th count)   
5.Born, Kathleen...   1887 (elected on 7th count)   		
6.Sullivan, Michael   1887 (elected on 11 count)   		
7.Triantafillou, K.   1887 (elected on 12th count)   
8.Toomey, Timothy..   elected on 13th count   		
9.Henrietta Davis..   elected on 13 th count

Defeated: Total votes before ballots were transfered or exhausted (no continuing candidates marked)		
10.McSweeney, James.  1532   		
11.Lee, Lester.....    636					
12.Spampinato, J...    547					
13.Winters, Robert.    329					
14.Pilgrim, Barbara    208					
15.Lopez, Ralph....    147					
16.Kelley, Craig...    105					
17.Connor, Marty...     60					
18.Jones, William..     44	
19.Kearns, Paul....     43  
( Kearns dropped out after ballots were printed)			

19,183 total votes cast including  write-in (11)and absentee
-..320   Invalid votes (marking(s) did not indicate preference)
18,863  valid votes cast (including absentees ballots)

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